PG Tricentennial Prince George's County:
Over 300 years of History

* Special Sources:
Prince George's County Commission for Women UM, McKeldin Library, MD Room
* Beauchamp, Virginia W. History of Women's Action Coalition. PGCCW. Available at PGCCW. WOMEN

* Prince George's County, Maryland: Directory of Women's Organizations. Published by the PGCCW. Available at PGCCW. WOMEN

* Women: A Selected List of Holdings in the Archives and Manuscripts Dept. Available at MD Room, McKeldin Library, UMCP. [Includes archives of many women's organizations, including state AAUW, LWV, BPW, AAUW College Park, League of Women Voters, Maryland Extension Homemaker's Council, P.G. Women's Political Caucus. Also personal papers: Clara Barton, Georgia K. Benjamin (Hyattsville), Marilyn Church (UMCP Dept. of Early Childhood Education, including Head Start, Congresswoman Marjorie Holt, State Del. Anne R. Hull, Anne G. Ingram (UMCP), Del. Pauline H. Menes, Mary S. Shorb (Scientist-UMCP), Adele H. Stamp (UMCP Dean of Women), Albert and Bertha Woods (UMCP)]. WOMEN

* Yewell, Therese C. Women of Achievement in Prince George's County History. M-NCPPC, Call # 920.0752Y, ISBN: 0964174308, [336 pp., ill., bibliography]. Available at PGCML, M-NCPPC. WOMEN

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These pages were created as a part of the 1996 PG County Tricentennial celebration. Additional history resources are listed on the bibliography page. These pages are not being updated. They are now located on the Prince George's County Historical Society's web site. Contact links: web site manager - Society information. You can search the entire site through this search form.:

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