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Prince George's County Trivia

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  1. In 1696, Prince George's County was created from land that was a part of two counties in Maryland. Can you name them?

  2. Historically, what has been Prince George's County's most important agricultural crop?

  3. What town was the first county seat of Prince George's County?

  4. What was the original name of the University of Maryland?

  5. Who lived in Riversdale Mansion, prior to being the first woman elected to the United States Senate?

  6. What is the name of the river that forms the eastern boundary of Prince George's County?

  7. Can you name the first railroad built in Prince George's County?

  8. What was the first incorporated town in Prince George's County founded by and for African Americans?

  9. Can you name the only person from Prince George's County to be appointed to the United States Supreme Court?

  10. What Prince Georgian became the first Secretary of the United States Navy?

  11. What tribe of Native Americans lived in the area prior to the arrival of the first Maryland colonists?

  12. What famous person is Upper Marlboro named for?

  13. Can you name the Prince Georgian who was captured by the British during the War of 1812 and whose release was sought by Francis Scott Key?

  14. What native born Prince Georgian was a member of both the Continental Congress and the United States Congress, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and one of the commissioners appointed by President Washington to lay out and plan the city of Washington?

  15. What is Prince George's County's official flower?

  16. What Prince Georgian became the first bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States?

  17. What Prince Georgian was the first woman executed by the United States Government?

  18. What Prince George's County historic site is the oldest and largest grist mill in the Washington area?

  19. There has only been one military battle ever fought in Prince George's County. What was the battle and in what war was it fought?


  20. Can you name the Prince Georgian who became the first Episcopal bishop consecrated in the United States in 1792?

  21. What two horses from Prince George's County won Triple Crowns?

  22. Can you name the only U.S. President to live in Prince George's County (not necessarily while he was president)?

  23. What is Prince George's County's motto? (Note: the motto appears on the county seat in Latin).

  24. What Prince Georgian was the only delegate to the Continental Congress who voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence, but an unfortunate twist of fate denied him the privilege of signing it?

  25. What is the name of the Episcopal minister who as pastor of St. Barnabas at Leeland Church was an ardent tory during the American Revolution and felt it necessary to preach with a pair of loaded pistols beside him for fear his congregation would do him harm?

  26. What was Laurel's principle industry during the nineteenth century that employed over 400 people and was powered by the Patuxent River?

  27. What is the official bird of Prince George's County?

  28. What city in Prince George's County, built by the Federal Government during the Great Depression, was an experiment in city and social planning?

  29. In 1870, the first African American in Prince George's County history ran for public office. What was his name?

  30. On May 15, 1972, while campaigning for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, Governor George C. Wallace was shot at a mall in Prince George's County. What mall was it?

  31. In what year was the Prince George's County Police Department established?

  32. On April 9, 1844, the first experimental telegraph message was sent from a location in Prince George's County near Riversdale/Calvert Mansion to Washington, D.C. Who was responsible for this feat?

  33. What was the first African American owned and operated airport in the nation?

  34. Who was the first woman passenger to fly an aeroplane? The event occured at College Park Airport?

  35. How many major Civil War battles took place in Prince George's County?

  36. What was the first High School built in Prince George's County?

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