PG Tricentennial Prince George's County:
Over 300 years of History

* Aquasco, Prince George's County Research Papers, 1984; "History of Inst. in Woodville," by T. Haydon Roe; "Transportation Systems in the Aquasco District, Prince George's County, MD," by Mark Andrich; "Visual Analysis of Aquasco," by Rebecca Leigh Bartlett; "An Economic History of Aquasco" by K. Puc; "The P.A. Bowen Farm," by Susan Sherman; "Planning, Zoning and Subdivision in Prince George's County: Implications for Historic Resources in Aquasco," by David Maloney, [Unpublished papers]. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. AGRICULTURE, ECONOMICS, SITES, TOWNS, TRANSPORTATION

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* Celebrating the Opening of the Robert Crain Highway, Upper Marlboro, MD. [October 22, 1927 program]. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. TRANSPORTATION

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* Wearmouth, John M. Prince George's Railroads: 1984, [Unpublished paper]. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. TRANSPORTATION

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