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To Do or Not To Do
** Booklet **
That is the Question

A Social Blue Book of Campus Etiquette

Published by the Women's League
of the University of Maryland, 1940

This Book of Etiquette was distributed to freshmen women as they entered the University of Maryland, in 1940. In today's context it's quite a "hoot." Hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Special thanks to Anne Turkos, University Archivist, (301)405-9060, for letting us post this pamplet on our site.

Table of Contents
* Diurnal
Dress for Daytime, Hello!, Brain-Trusts, Library Loafing, Dinning Hall.
* Nocturnal
Dress for Evening, Pin Planting, Caperones, How Does Your Date Rate?, Good Nights.
* Eternal
Boy Meets Girl (Introductions), The Receiving Line, Rushing, Smoking, Soup to Nuts, Living With Others, Living In An Off-Campus House, Letters and Invitations.
* Infernal
There Ought To Be A Law.

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