PG Tricentennial Prince George's County:
Over 300 years of History

* Special Sources:
Board of Education, Prince George's County (includes the Alice Ferguson Center, Accokeek, MD, has the following in their collections: Journals of the Board of School Commissioners, 1865-1921; Journals of the Prince George's Board of Education, 1921-present; Prince George's School Archives, Dept. of Plant Maintenance.
* Address of Caleb Clarke Magruder, II, May 19, 1921. From the Dedication of Marlboro High School, erected upon the Site of Upper Marlboro Academy, Maryland: 1921. Available at FDML, PGCHS. EDUCATION

* A Long Day's Journey into Light; School Desegregation in Prince George's County. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: 1976, Call # 378.752U. Available at PGCML. BLACK HISTORY, EDUCATION

* Callcott, George H. A History of the University of Maryland. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1966, LC # 65-29087. Available at the FDML, PGCHS, MHSL, UM-McKeldin. EDUCATION

* A Century of Public Education in Prince George's County, MD 1865-1965; Annual Report, 1965-66. P.G. County Public Schools: 1966. Call # 379.75251P. Available at PGCML. EDUCATION

* Clutter, Bill G. A History of the University of Maryland College of Special and Continuation Studies (University College): The Development of a Worldwide Education Program, 1947-1956. American University: 1984, CALL #: LD80.M6C48, [Thesis, 411 leaves, Bibliography]. Available at PGCML, UMCP. EDUCATION

* The Courant - publication of Hyattsville High School, 1917-1923. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. EDUCATION, TOWNS

* Fact Book - University of Maryland, College Park. 125th Anniversary Paper: 1981. [unpublished paper, McKeldin Library] Available at the FDML, PGCHS; UM-McKeldin. EDUCATION

* Fay, Eleanor T. A Brief History of Early Times & an Account of the Educational Progress in Prince George's County, National Inst. of Mental Health: 1965, Call # 379.75251F. Available at PGCML. EDUCATION

* Prince George's Community College, An Oral Historical Collage. Largo, MD: Written by students of Prince George's Community College, 1986. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. EDUCATION

* Prince George's County Public Schools, Fifty Years of Progress, 1900- 1950. P.G. Co. Board of Education: 1950. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. EDUCATION

* The Public Schools of Prince George's County: From the 17th Century to 1950. Bicentennial ed., P.G. Co. Retired Teacher's Assoc.: 1976. Call # 379.7521P. Available at PGCML. EDUCATION

* The Public Schools of Prince George's County, 1950-1980. P.G. Co. Retired Teacher's Assoc.: 1987. Call # 379.7521P. Available at PGCML. EDUCATION

* Queen Anne School, A Brief History: Upper Marlboro, MD. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. EDUCATION

* Rennie, Thomas Paul. A Historical Study of the Establishment and Development of Prince George's Community College 1958-1973. [Microform] Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms, 1975. CALL #: LB2328.M33R4, [1 reel, 35mm, thesis, 223 leaves, ill., bibliography]. Available at PGCML. EDUCATION

* A Research Action Project Devoted to the Aspects of the History of Maryland & Prince George's County. P.G. Co. Public Schools: 1959. Call # 975.251P. Available at PGCML. EDUCATION, GENERAL HISTORY

* St. Mary's School, Upper Marlboro, 1925-1985. 60th Anniversary Program. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. EDUCATION, TOWNS

* Stark, Francis J., Jr. The Pearson Years, A History of the UM, 1926- 1935. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. EDUCATION

* Weller, Bob. Prince George's Community College; An Oral History Collection by Students of Prince George's Community College. Largo, MD: Prince George's Community College, 1986, Call # 920.0752W. Available at PGCML. EDUCATION

* Wiser, Vivian. Maryland in the Early Land Grant College Movement- Agriculture History: 1962. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. AGRICULTURE, EDUCATION

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