PG Tricentennial Prince George's County:
Over 300 years of History

* Aquasco, Prince George's County Research Papers, 1984; "History of Inst. in Woodville," by T. Haydon Roe; "Transportation Systems in the Aquasco District, Prince George's County, MD," by Mark Andrich; "Visual Analysis of Aquasco," by Rebecca Leigh Bartlett; "An Economic History of Aquasco," by K. Puc; "The P.A. Bowen Farm," by Susan Sherman; "Planning, Zoning and Subdivision in Prince George's County: Implications for Historic Resources in Aquasco," by David Maloney, [Unpublished papers]. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. AGRICULTURE, ECONOMICS, SITES, TOWNS, TRANSPORTATION

* Facts About Prince George's County, Maryland. Hyattsville: P.G. County Economic Dev. Committee: Hyattsville, 1968. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. ECONOMICS, GENERAL HISTORY

* Goldsmith, Harold F. Selected Demographic & Socioeconomic Characteristics of the Residents of Prince George's County: 1960. Nat'l. Inst. of Mental Health: 1968, Call # 307.2G. Available at PGCML. DEMOGRAPHICS, ECONOMICS

* Goldsmith, Harold F. Socioeconomic Index Scores for Prince George's County Census Tracts: 1960, Nat'l. Inst. of Mental Health: 1968, Call # 307.2G. Available at PGCML. DEMOGRAPHICS, ECONOMICS

* Hoyt, Homer (b. 1896). Economic Survey of Montgomery & Prince George's Counties, MD. Prepared by Homer Hoyt Assoc.: 1955, Call # 330.9752H. Available at PGCML. ECONOMICS

* Kulikoff, Allan. Tobacco & Slaves: Population, Economy & Society in 18th Century Prince George's County, MD. University Microfilms: 1976, Call # 305.567K, [Bibliography]. Available at PGCML. AGRICULTURE, BLACK HISTORY, DEMOGRAPHICS, ECONOMICS

* Tariff of Rates for Calvert, Charles, Prince George's and St. Mary's Counties, Maryland, In Effect Dec. 10, 1915. Philadelphia: Otto- Jones Co., November 1921. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. ECONOMICS

* Wilson, Gilbert L. Economic Effects of the Freedmen's Bureau Education Programs on Former Slaves in Prince George's County. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990, Call # 973.714W, [243 pp., Thesis]. Available at PGCML. BLACK HISTORY, ECONOMICS

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