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Gabriel Duvall Portrait
Gabriel Duvall was born on his father's plantation, a part of "Darnall's Grove," in December, 1752. He began his public career, which spanned more than sixty years, as a clerk of the General Court in Annapolis in 1771, resigning in 1778 to practice law. In the following years, in addition to representing many clients in court, Duvall served as prosecuting attorney in Annapolis, a member of the Governor's Council and won a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates representing Annapolis. In 1794, he was selected to fill a vacant seat in the Third United States Congress. Appointed Comptroller of the Treasury by President Jefferson, whom he supported as an elector in 1796 and 1800, he held that post from 1802 until 1811. At that time, he was named an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court by President Madison. Duvall stepped down from the bench in 1835 and retired to his beloved farm, "Marietta", where he died in March, 1844.

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