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P.A. Bowen Farmstead
15701 Dr. Bowen Road, Aquasco
Built circa 1870 -- The P.A. Bowen house is a multisection frame dwelling. The 2-1/2-story, side-gabled main block has a bracketed cornice and a wraparound porch with ornate brackets and pendants. The 2-story south wing has some of the same Italianate-style decorative trim, as well as an unusual parapet roof treatment. The house was built circa 1870 for the family of Philander A. Bowen; outbuildings built at that time and later include a smokehouse, corn crib, dairy barn end tobacco barn. The Bowen house is one of the County's best examples of the Italianate style, and, together with the outbuildings, constitutes an excellent physical representation of a nineteenth-century farmstead.

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