PG Tricentennial Prince George's County:
Over 300 years of History

* Special Sources:
History Division, M-NCPPC, has a Black History collection. Oxon Hill Branch of the Prince George's Co. Mem. Library System.

The Library of Congress has a special collection on Black History: Black History Newspapers -- The Afro-American, 1896-1920; The Colored American, 1898-1904; The Washington Bee, 1882-1922; The National Intelligencer, The Maryland Gazette, The Evening/Washington Star, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Sun Almanacs, 1876-1915; The Negro History Bulletin, The Journal of Negro History; The Crisis Magazine; Proceedings of the Board of School Commissioners, 1865-1922; The Journal of Southern History; Maryland Historical Magazine, The Christian Science Recorder.

The National Archives also has a special collection on Black Studies: Microfilm and Bound Volumes including - Records of the Superintendent of Education for the D.C. Bureau of Refugees, Freemen and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1872; Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior Relating to the Suppression of the African Slave Trade & Negro Colonization, 1854-1872; The Negro in the Military Service of the United States, 1693-1886; Minutes of the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of MD, 1790-1911; Journal of the Board of Trustees and Minutes of the Committees and Inspectors of the Freedmen's Savings & Trust Co., 1865-1874; Index to Deposit Ledgers in Branches of the Freedmen's Savings & Trust Co., 1865-1867; Records of the Education Division of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedman and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1871; Minutes of the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of MD, 1790-1911; REcords of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, Bladensburg, MD; U.S. Federal Census, Prince George's Co. 1790-1910.

MSA/ Hall of Records: Slave Statistics, Prince George's County, 1867-1869; Certificates of Freedmen; Manumissions; Land Records (deeds); Plats; Chancery Records (before 1852); Equity Records; Orphans Court Proceedings; Wills; Inventories; Indentures; Tax Asessment Books, 1793-1921; Church Records; WPA Church Survey, 1936-1940. Black History Project Resource Guide, written by Bianca Patrice Floyd, M-NCPPC, Call # 305.89607B. BLACK HISTORY

Howard University has a special collection: Moorland-Spingarn Research Collection; Moorland-Spingarn Research Center; Founder's Library.

Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Carter G. Woodson Center's Library.
* A Long Day's Journey into Light; School Desegregation in Prince George's County. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: 1976, Call # 378.752U. Available at PGCML, BLACK HISTORY, EDUCATION

* Daniels, Susan Fitch. The Effects of the Civil War & Emancipation on the Black Population of Prince George's County, Research Notebook. Available at the History Division, M-NCPPC. BLACK HISTORY

* Floyd, Bianca Patrice. Bible, Book & Voting Booth: Early Black Institutions and Political History, 1870-1920. Call # 975.251B. Available at PGCML. BLACK HISTORY, CHURCHES & RELIGION

* Floyd, Bianca Patrice. Black History & Historic Sites in Prince George's County. Black History Study, History Division, M-NCPPC: 1983, Call # 975.251F, [Bibliography]. Available at M-NCPPC, PGCML. BLACK HISTORY, SITES

* Floyd, Bianca. Black History Project Resource Guide. M-NCPPC: 1990, [Black activists in Prince George's County]. Available at the FDML, PGCHS, BLACK HISTORY

* Floyd, Bianca Patrice. Highlights in Black History, Prince George's County Black History Study, Final Report, FY 1983-84. M-NCPPC: 1984, Call # 975.251F, [Bibliography]. Available at M-NCPPC, PGCML. BLACK HISTORY

* Floyd, Bianca Patrice. Records & Recollections; Early Black History in Prince George's County, MD. M-NCPPC: 1989, Call # 975.251F, [Bibliography]. Available at PGCGS, M-NCPPC, PGCML. BLACK HISTORY

* Gooden, Karen Lesla Williams. A Cross Borne: A Biography of Judge James Franklyn Bourne, Jr. 1993. [First black judge in Prince George's County]. Available at the FDML, PGCHS, BLACK HISTORY, FAMILIES

* Kulikoff, Allan. Tobacco and Slaves: Population, Economy and Society in 18th Century Prince George's County, MD University Microfilms: 1976, Call # 305.567K, [Bibliography]. Available at PGCML. AGRICULTURE, BLACK HISTORY, DEMOGRAPHICS, ECONOMICS

* Maryland Policy Studies of Blacks in Maryland. No. 2. Bureau of Governmental Research, School of Public Affairs, UM College Park Campus, Call # 97S.251B. Available at PGCML. BLACK HISTORY

* Maryland Historical & Cultural Museums Directory. Maryland Historical & Cultural Publications, Crownsville, MD, June 1993, ISBN: 1-878399-52-7, pp. 19-23, Prince George's County Museums. [Airmen Memorial Museum, Belair Mansion & Belair Stable Museum, Calvert Mansion (Riversdale), Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum, College Park Airport Museum, Darnall's Chance, Ft. Washington Park;, Greenbelt Museum, Howard B. Owens Science Ctr, Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, Laurel Historical Society, Marietta Mansion, Montpelier Mansion (M-NCPPC), NASA/Goddard Visitor Center & Museum, National Colonial Farm, Accokeek Foundation/Piscataway Park, Prince George's County Hall of Fame, Surratt House Museum & Visitor Center, W.H. Duvall Tool Museum, William Sydney Pitman Museum & African-American Historical Society]. ARCHITECTURE, AVIATION, BLACK HISTORY, FAMILIES, GENERAL HISTORY, HOUSES, MILITARY, MUSEUMS, SITES, TECHNOLOGY, TOWNS, TRANSPORTATION

* Provine, Dorothy S., ed. Registrations of of Free Negroes, 1806-1863, Prince George's County, MD. Columbian Harmony Society: 1990. Call # 929.3R. Available at PGCGS, PGCML. BLACK HISTORY

* Rearching Black Families from the Maryland State Archives. Publication #158, MSA, [cost: S1.00]. Available at MSA, PGCGS. BLACK HISTORY

* Rollo, Vera Foster. The Black Experience in Maryland. Lanham: Maryland Historical Press, 1984. ISBN 0-917882-09-1, [108 pp., History of the role black people have played in the history of Maryland, from Benjamin Banneker to John Brown to Matthew Henson. How Marylanders together worked for change. Many illustrations and photographs.] Available from publisher. BLACK HISTORY

* Saunders, Joseph. North Brentwood: The First Black Incorporated Town in Prince George's County. Taney Middle School: 1992. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. BLACK HISTORY, TOWNS

* Selected List of Government Publications About the American Negro PGCML: 1969, Call # 305.89607S. [Prepared for Negro History Week, February 1969 by the Reference Dept., Oxon Hill Branch, Bibliography]. Available at PGCML. BLACK HISTORY

* Wilson, Gilbert L. Economic Effects of the Freedman's Bureau Education Programs on Former Slaves in Prince George's County. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990, Call # 973.714W, [243 pp., Thesis]. Available at PGCML. BLACK HISTORY, ECONOMICS

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