PG Tricentennial Prince George's County:
Over 300 years of History

* Special Sources:
The College Park Airport Museum & Library contains 800-1000 volumes of books on general aviation, the history of flight from World War !! to the present day. Also contains law books and manuals and books specifically about College Park.
* Beatty, Ken. The Cradle of American Aviation: The National Aviation Field College Park, MD. Hagerstown: Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co., 1976. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. AVIATION, TOWNS

* Development of the Prince George's County Airpark. Prince George's County: 1969. Call # 711.552P. Available at PGCML. AVIATION

* Hill, Raymond D. The Search for Peter Carnes. Augusta, GA: Richmond County Historical Society, 1978. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. AVIATION, TOWNS-BLADENSBURG

* Maryland's Historical & Cultural Museums Directory. Maryland Historical & Cultural Publications, Crownsville, MD, June 1993, ISBN: 1-878399-52-7, pp. 19-23, Prince George's County Museums. [Airmen Memorial Museum, Belair Mansion & Belair Stable Museum, Calvert Mansion (Riversdale), Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum, College Park Airport Museum, Darnall's Chance, Ft. Washington Park, Greenbelt Museum, Howard B. Owens Science Ctr, Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, Laurel Historical Society, Marietta Mansion, Montpelier Mansion (M-NCPPC), NASA/Goddard Visitor Center & Museum, National Colonial Farm, Accokeek Foundation/Piscataway Park, Prince George's County Hall of Fame, Surratt House Museum & Visitor Center, W.H. Duvall Tool Museum, William Sydney Pitman Museum & African-American Historical Society]. ARCHITECTURE, AVIATION, BLACK HISTORY, FAMILIES, GENERAL HISTORY, HOUSES, MILITARY, MUSEUMS, SITES, TECHNOLOGY, TOWNS, TRANSPORTATION

* Weick, Fred & Hansen, James. From the Ground Up: The Autobiography of an Aeronautical Engineer. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Inst. Press, 1988, ISBN 0-87474-950-6. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. AVIATION, FAMIlIES

* Wings over College Park. UM Project: 1982. Available at the FDML, PGCHS. AVIATION, TOWNS

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